Getting a Covalent indexing endpoint

At Bware Labs we aim to offer a complete functionality to our users, so to this purpose, we have integrated the Covalent Indexer API into our platform. In order to get your own indexer endpoint provided by Covalent follow the steps in this tutorial.

Once you have connected your Metamask wallet you can generate a Covalent endpoint from the Featured Providers menu section on the right side.

Select Covalent from the Indexer API section, on the pop-up screen :

Next, you will need to provide a name for your endpoint, choose the network you whish to query from the drop-down list and click "Generate endpoint".

You will be asked to confirm the operation via Metamask to make sure the operation is intended and to eliminate the risk of bot usage. After the Metamask confirmation, your endpoint will be ready to use in just a couple of seconds

Check out the Covalent API section of the documentation to see how the Bware Labs endpoints map to the Covalent API and to find examples of requests and responses.