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Decentralized Infrastructure for Everyone
The goal of Bware Labs is to build a decentralized platform where Full Node owners and Endpoint users such as developers and organizations are able to collaborate in a secure and trustful manner.

How it works

The users/customers of our platform will be able to choose from a list of subscription plans, depending on their needs, and will be provided access to fully-fledged endpoints (RPC, REST, WSS, GraphQL) for any of the networks we support at a given time. At this stage, Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum networks are already available.
On the other hand, Node Providers will be able to integrate their Full Nodes into our infrastructure and earn rewards for fulfilling API requests.
Even if our ultimate target is to become decentralized, at first, all the infrastructure needs will be supplied by Bware Labs via our own servers, which will allow us to gain a full perspective on what will be required from our future partners and also fine-tune the infrastructure before accepting third-party Node Providers.
Later on, when enough third-party Node Providers have joined our platform, most of the Bware Labs Nodes will be decommissioned and the team will transition into a support and monitoring role.

User benefits and constraints

As a user of our Platform, you will be able to obtain an endpoint allowing you to interact with any of our supported networks (currently ETH and BSC), just by performing a few simple clicks within a user-friendly interface. You will be required to connect your Metamask wallet in order to log in and will be asked to sign every operation via the same wallet. This way we can make sure the operation is intended and an actual human is the one performing it.
On the free version of our product (currently available) you will be able to generate one endpoint for each supported network and a maximum of two endpoints in total while the number of requests will be limited to 120000 per day.

Node providers

By joining our platform as Node Providers, our future partners will be able, for the first time, to earn rewards by simply hosting and maintaining a Full Node on a specific blockchain.
A Node Integrity Protocol will be developed by our team to ensure both the fulfillment of requirements and the good behavior of the Node Providers. This Node Integrity Protocol together with a state-of-the-art monitoring system will allow us to provide a high level of reliability and security to our users, even if we don’t have full control over the actual full nodes fulfilling the requests.
In order to enforce the good behavior of our partners, each full node owner will be required to stake an amount of BWR tokens prior to being accepted into our infrastructure. The amount will initially be decided by BwareLabs and then updated via our governance mechanism.
In the following sections, we will describe how you can obtain your own dedicated endpoints using our platform and we will provide examples of requests that can be made for each of the currently supported networks.
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