Using Bware Labs Platform

In this section, we will provide the steps necessary to obtain fully-fledged endpoints on the Bware Labs Platform or indexer endpoints provided by our partners in just a couple of easy steps.

First, you will need to navigate to using your preferred browser. The link will take you to our landing page where you can check out some info about the currently available networks and the platform's current usage status. By scrolling down you can also see a high-level overview of our architecture.

Click the "Launch App" button to start the application and then tap the Metamask button, when prompted, in order to connect your wallet, as you can see in the image below.

Metamask will prompt you to confirm the operation or if it's the case, to login into your account first. When the confirmation is received from your part, you will be taken to a profile selection page where you will have to specify what you wish to do next.

At this stage, since Node Provider onboarding is not yet supported you will only be able to join our platform as an endpoint user. Click on the "Get Endpoint" button as seen in the image above in order to obtain a dedicated blockchain endpoint.

Next, you will be taken into your dashboard which will be empty at first, since you don't have any endpoints created.

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