Getting a Bware Labs full endpoint

In order to obtain your first endpoint click on the "API Endpoint" menu option on the right or tap the "Get started now" button in the center of the screen and then select the network you want interact with as seen in the images below.

Next, you'll need to add a name for the endpoint, select your preferred configuration and tap the "Create Endpoint" button.

Metamask will ask you to confirm the operation, so we can make sure it's intended and prevent the use of bots.

Click sign when prompted and that's it! In just a couple of seconds your endpoint will be created and ready to use as it can be seen in the images below.

You can add a new endpoint for a different network or you can delete the existing ones, should you choose to.

In this example since an Ethereum endpoint has already been created, there is only the option to generate a new one on Binance Smart Chain (because the free version of the product only allows one endpoint for each network).

Keep in mind that in this version of the platform the number of total requests that can be made from one account is rate-limited to 120000 per day and to a maximum of 25 requests per second.

Check out the next sections to see examples of requests on the currently supported networks.

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