Health API

Used for measuring node health.



API Methods


Get health check on this node.

  • heartbeat is the unix timestamp of the last time the network handled a message.

  • timestamp is the timestamp of the last health check.

  • duration is the execution duration of the last health check in milliseconds.

  • contiguousFailures is the number of fails that occurred in a row.

  • timeOfFirstFailure is the time of the initial transitional failure.

Example Call

curl -X POST --data '{
    "id"     :1,
    "method" :"health.getLiveness"
}' -H 'content-type:application/json;'<your-endpoint-id>/ext/health

    "jsonrpc": "2.0",
    "result": {
        "checks": {
            "chains.default.bootstrapped": {
                "timestamp": "2020-09-14T16:37:18.94094791Z",
                "duration": 17731,
                "contiguousFailures": 0,
                "timeOfFirstFailure": null
            "network.validators.heartbeat": {
                "message": {
                    "heartbeat": 1600101438
                "timestamp": "2020-09-14T16:37:18.939024201Z",
                "duration": 8527,
                "contiguousFailures": 0,
                "timeOfFirstFailure": null
        "healthy": true
    "id": 1

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